Find and Compare the Right Action Camera For You

I've made this website because I was searching for a specific type of action camera that would do a number of things and cost less than a certain amount. My aim is to put as many filters and sorting options in your hands so you can find the correct action camera for you.

You will see a huge table of all available action cameras, old and new, we continually update the list with the latest action cameras and above this list you will see all available filters and above the table you will see the column titles, some of these are sortable.

  1. Go through the filters one by one and select the filters and things you want in a camera, click Apply
  2. This will remove cameras that don't have the same features you are after and leave those that you are interested in looking at.
  3. Now click the columns titles that are sortable and they will reorganise the table and sort it based on what feature you clicked.
  4. If you clicked on battery life, it will sort the whole table with the action camera with the longest battery life at the top.
  5. Once you are interested in a few or you have found the camera for you and your needs, you can check that cameras price online and save that camera to your own saved camera section.   

Examples of What You Can Filter, Search & Sort

So what can you sort or filter by to find the right action camera for you? Here are a lot of examples for you so you can see how to find the action camera for you.

Do you want a 360degrees camera? Find the 360 camera filter and click on True and it will show just 360 action camera options in the list below.

What if you need 4k, this is possible. Find the Best Video Resolution filter and click on 4k - 3840 x 2160 and it will show you just cameras which are capable of recording 4k videos.

After a specific chipset/processor? Find the Chipset filter and select the one you are after.

You want to take the action camera underwater and have a limit of $250? Go to Price (less than) and enter in that box the number 250 and click Apply, then click on Depth Rating on top of the table headings and it will order the table by how deep you can dive, freedive or take an action camera.

You want to use an action camera as a dashcam? Click on Shooting Modes click on loop (dashcam) and then Apply and you will be shown all action cameras that have a loop recording (dashcam) mode.

You need much more battery life to record time lapse footage so need an action camera that can record with an external battery and power supply. On the filters on the home page search, find External Battery and select True and it will show action cameras that are capable of recording with an external power supply or battery pack.

And we're not limited to the above search options, we have hundreds of ways to find the right action camera for you.

Are we missing any features, just send us an email and we'll happily add it to the site.

The Fields of Information We Use To Show Specs & Compare

Here is our ever expanding list of specs and information we collect for each action camera, this list is ever growing as new action cameras come out with new features.

360 shows whether this action camera is a 360 camera or not.

Battery field will have the battery capacity, ranging anything from 800mAh to 2000mAh and above, the bigger the number usually means the longer the battery will last.

Battery Life is based on the longest recording time available with a full charged and new battery based on recording the highest video setting that the action camera can record in, ie: 4k @ 60fps for 80minutes. The action camera may be able to record for longer but with a lower video setting like 720p @ 60fps.

Best Video Resolution is the best video resolution that action camera can record in, if it says 1080p, that is the highest you can record a video.

Burst Rate is how many frames of photos the burst mode can do in a second, if it says 5fps it means it takes a burst of 5 photos over a one second span. Sometimes this is at the full photo resolution or sometimes at a smaller res so that it can take faster frames.

Buying Options shows you whether you can buy these action cameras brand spanking new or used (second hand), if they're older than 6 months old there is a good chance you can now buy that camera you are after refurbished or used for a lot less.

Chipset is what processor/chipset the action camera uses, you'll notice that a lot of the action cameras use very similar, if not the same chipsets inside their camera.

Connectivity are for features like ANT+, GPS, G-sensors and other things you can connect too and use. Maybe you want to connect to other things on your bicycle or you want to use voice commands to control the camera.

Depth Rating will show you how deep this camera can go with or without an underwater case/housing.

Dimensions are exactly that, dimensions of the camera outside of its housing or as it is if it does not need a waterproof housing/case.

Drop Proof, if this is the case, it is shock and drop proof. Although adding a housing/case to most cameras will help with this, it isn't guarantee'd unlike some cameras that are made like this.

External Battery is for any action camera that can record and be used with an external battery or power supply. Say you want to do a long time lapse or use as a dash cam, you'll want to be able to power by USB and you can search for cameras that can run from their USB and an external battery.

External Review is for the best action camera reviews specific to that camera, we have linked to the best informative review for each camera so you can really find out whether its right for you or not.

Field of View is the largest field of view (fov) the camera has when recording.

Manufacturer is the manufacturer name

Material is what the camera is made from on the outside, mostly this is plastic.

Memory Capacity is the largest size micro or normal size SD card you can put in to the camera, if it says 64gb, you are limited to that size and can't record any more footage. So if you want to record long videos in 4K resolution, I would recommend a camera that allows 128gb and can power from an external battery.

Model is the model name, eg, "Yi 4K+" or "Hero 5 Session"

Mount Type are different ways you can add the action camera to mounts, mostly they use the GoPro standard of three prongs but most have the universal 1/4" fitting on the camera as well.

Peripherals are for things like external microphones, if you want to record better sound at the same time as recording a video, you'll want to look for something that can add a microphone via 3.5mm jack or USB.

Phone App for cameras that have a phone application which you can use to control the camera with too.

Photo Recording Formats

Photo Resolutions will show the maximum photograph resolution you can take, most now go up to 16MP.

Ports will show what ports and attachments you can plug in to the camera, usually it has microSD, and micro USB and sometimes others as well. You'll need hdmi or video out to use with a drone and 3.5mm audio jack if you want stereo audio recording at the same time.

Price is the latest price of this camera as seen online, you can check when the camera was last updated on the Last Updated field on the main table to see how relevant that price is. We try and keep the price up to date every few months.

Recommended Activity will show the most recommended activity for this camera, some are made specifically for cycling, some are better for diving and some purely for drone recording.

Recording Bitrate shows the bitrate (mbps) recording of a video.

Release Date is obviously when the camera was released to the market and available to be purchased.

Resolution & FPS shows each HD resolution the camera records at and the fastest FPS it will record in that resolution.

Screen is whether it has a screen or not.

Screen Size is the size of a screen if it has one.

Sensor is the sensor being used by the camera inside, if you're after a specific sensor for your action camera you can see what they all use and filter.

Sensor Size is the size of the sensor being used by the action camera, most are 1/2.3" sensors.

Shooting Modes show the modes of shooting, time lapse, burst, photo, video, etc

Size of the action camera has been sorted in to small, medium and large action cameras, the mobius is a small camera and the Olympus TG-Tracker is a large action camera.

Slowest FPS is the slowest frames per second each action camera will record in HD, so this only includes cameras that record in 720p or higher. Usually it is 720p @ 120fps or similar.

Storage Devices some of the action cameras have internal storage as well as being able to use microSD for recording more video footage.

Touch Screen is for action cameras that have touch screen capability.

USB Charge shows any action camera that can be charged by USB, most internal batteries (non removable) will charge by USB only but all should be capable of this.

User Guide Manual is a link to view and download the user guide for each camera in English.

Video Features will show things like image stabalisation, low light mode, etc and if a camera has any of these or similar it will show here.

Video Review will be a link to a youtube video review of each camera when there are good ones to showcase.

Waterproof Housing Required are for action cameras that may require a housing to be waterproof, a lot will have housings and cases available to buy and will give them access to underwater world, Some don't come with a housing and are waterproof as standard.

Weight is the weight of the action camera in grams.