Action Cameras With The Longest Battery Life

If you are interested in an action camera with the longest battery life, you're on the right page. Here we have sorted all the action cameras, over 150+ at the time of writing by how long their batteries last.

Whatever you need a longer battery life for, you can use this list to help you work out what would work for you. Like other small electronics, battery life suffers because the cameras are so small and only so much space can be made for the battery.

There are also other things you can do to extend the battery life of your action camera, one of those is to connect an external power supply or battery bank to your camera, if it will let it. The good things is, we have categorised all action cameras that have this feature and you can search for this here, this also includes filtering by action cameras which you can remove their batteries.

If you already own an action camera and don't know whether you can record whilst plugged in to an external power supply. Check if you have the loop and dashcam mode, also known as car mode on some cameras. This means you can plug in to the 12v cigarette lighter or USB sockets in your car and keep the action camera recording continuously whilst on your cars dash.

This doesn't mean you are limited to that mode, but it does mean that you can use other shooting modes, time lapse, video recording, etc and plug in a power bank or other battery extender.

There you have it, a simple introduction to action cameras with the longest battery life.

Some Batteries Can't Be Removed

Some action cameras have in-built batteries, which means you will not be able to take spare batteries with you.

Using our action camera discovery tool you can see for yourself, by sorting the action cameras remove battery column you can see which cameras have in-built and fixed batteries and which you can replace with spares for when you inevitably run out of battery.


Action Cameras With The Longest Battery Life

If you are looking for a new action camera with the longest battery life, below are the best 20 action cameras with the longest battery life. These are all going off of what their manufacturer claims and will vary depending on temperatures and types of recording you are doing.

But this is a good guide to see what cameras will last the longest off of one charge.

If you are out and about and have no way to recharge your camera during a shoot, it is best to take multiple batteries with you and these cameras will last longer than any others with a handful of spare batteries just in case.

Action Cameras Which Can Charge and Record

Forget about long battery life, what about action cameras that can both charge and record at the same time? That way you can record til your hearts content and fill even the biggest micro SD cards of 256gb when otherwise your battery would have long ran out.

If you are shooting a timelapse or a video that will last longer than an hour and you have a large sd card in the camera, then you'll need a secondary power and that can be a wall plug if you have that nearby or a power bank.

You can check all the cameras on the discovery tool that charge and record here.

We prefer to use a powerbank when filming longer than an hour and when we can, we take the battery from inside the action camera out, this will stop the camera from overheating and will use just the power from the power bank plugged in. This will work even better if you aren't moving about and the camera is stationary.

If you are moving about, we recommend leaving the cameras battery inside just incase the external power gets knocked off, it wont stop the recording.

You can then record to your hearts content and extend your ideas and think of new videos you couldn't have originally done before.

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