Thinking about getting a GoPro for your next ski trip or summer long traveling expedition, whatever the reason for your first, second or third action camera, think about the alternatives, of which there are over 100+ and we'll go through some of them below. It's time you had a look at the alternatives as Chinese manufacturers are producing cheaper and better action cameras than GoPro and we detail how they are below.

We have seen some incredible action cameras released this year. This is our first end of year roundup and we have some interesting stats and info to share with you. We've set this post up as Action Camera Finder is a new site and launched in 2017 and we thought it would be interesting to bring up some end of year facts each year and to compare to the previous year, we'll get a decent look at how the action camera tech moves forward and progresses through the years.

Interested in the new 2018 GoPro Hero that GoPro have just released,  we are!

We're super excited, we new something new was coming but didn't know what to expect. They're obviously profiling their camera range again and bringing everything in to point, on the same form factor, look and shape. When you head over to the GoPro website, you don't even see the Sessions advertised on the front few pages any more.