GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K Action Camera Firmware Updates and Downloads

Update method
manual download

Firmware updates for bug fixes, feature updates and more with the GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K action camera.

Last modified
04/25/2020 - 23:33
goxtreme black hawk 4k action camera


  • Please make sure the Black Hawk is completely charged.
  • Download the newest firmware to your pc.
  • Format the memory-card.
  • Copy the file „firmware.bin“  into the root directory of the memory-card.
  • Power off the camera.
  • Put in the memory card.
  • Connect the Black Hawk with power/pc.
    (The camera powers on shortly and the screen turns of.
    For around 30s the red and blue LED´s are lighting.)
  • When the blue LED is no more lighting please disconnect the camera from power/pc and take out the memory card.
  • Please delete the file „firmware.bin“ from the memory-card – otherwise the camera will upgrade again and again.
Firmware file change log

FW20170211 GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K Action Camera Firmware Update

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