GoPro Hero 7 Black Action Camera Specs

The GoPro Hero 7 Black was released in late 2018 and has some astonishing features and specs. It has kept the similar look which they created with the GoPro Hero 5 Black and means that this camera too is waterproof and ready to dive and snorkel without an extra case or housing.

The camera retails around $300 to $350 depending on where you look and whether there are any GoPro deals on.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black weighs 116 grams with it's battery and micro SD card insert and ready to use. The dimensions are 62.3 × 44.9 × 33 mm and this gives the camera a volume of 92.00cm³, not too big but not the smallest either. The good thing about this size is that as it's slightly bigger than the GoPro Hero 4+ Black and previous cameras, it's slightly easier to hold.

The camera is not shock resistant but that doesn't mean it can't take a tumble. Action cameras are renowned for being used and abused and there is no difference here.

Because of this design you will find that you can dive, swim and snorkel to 10m deep without an extra housing, in sea water and fresh water. Perfect for adding to a kayak, your helmet, for surfing and many other water sports where the camera won't be submerged for long periods of time or too deep.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black has 3 ports on it within its side door, micro hdmi, micro sd and a USB-C for data transfer, fast charging.

What we love about this camera is that you can replace it's lens if it gets scratched, a great physical feature.

You have the same touch screen goodness with this camera and a small info screen on the front to show you whether the camera is recording, for how long, what mode it's in, battery life etc.

The camera has many features, burst mode, hdr, live streaming, loop recording which is perfect for not missing a moment, single photos, time lapse photos and video, timer mode for selfies and video mode.

It has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is 4K which means that because of it's large resolution you have digital zoom available.

You can control some of the photo and videos with exposure control and even RAW photos for better editing when you move the images to a phone, tablet or computer.

There is a whopping 30fps burst rate on the burst photos mode which is perfect for gifs or not missing an action shot.

You will find a massive field of view of 170 degrees on the camera which uses a 1/2.3" size sensor, which is the Sony IMX277.

There are other video resolutions as well, including 720p at 240fps, 1080p at 240fps, 1440p at 120fps, 2.7k at 120fps and 4k at 60 frames per second. You get some great video features with it too:

Advanced metadata, exposure control, image stabilization, low light modes and wind noise reduction.

Plenty of connectivity options with wifi, voice control and bluetooth so you can control the device from your phone or your voice, hands free.

The camera has a charge time of about 240 minutes and a battery life of 100 minutes which gives it an uptime score of 29/100.


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