Sony FDR X3000 Action Camera Specs Features & Reviews


Key Specs

Release Date
3 years 2 months ago
Field of View
170 degrees
Adjustable FOV
Type of Image Stabilization
Best Shooting Mode

Photo Specs and Settings

Sensor Size
Photo Res
Photo Resolution
Shooting Modes
Burst rate
Photo Recording Formats
Exposure Modes
Optical Zoom
Optical Zoom Distance
Minimum Focus Distance

Video Specs and Settings

Best Video Resolution
Highest Resolution with Image Stabilization
Fastest FPS
Recording Bitrate
Video Loop Length
Video codec
Video recording format
Adjust Aspect Ratio
Video Recording Options
360 Stitching


Screen Size
Info Screen
Flip Screen
Weight with Housing
Recording Lights
Storage Devices


Manufacturer Claimed Battery Life
135 minutes (at 1080p 30fps)
Charge Time
Uptime Score
USB Charge
Extend Battery Life with External Battery
Battery Range
Removable Battery


Waterproof Depth
Drop Proof
Water Resistance with Housing
Waterproof Housing Required

Interface and Connections

Touch Screen
Memory Capacity
External Microphone
Phone App
Photo & Video Examples
Buying Options
Warranty Length
Table of contents

Sony FDR X3000 action camera specs and expert reviews.


A solid little action camera that really packs a punch, it has been touted as one of the best action cameras for 2017 and still going strong in 2018. It has a lot of features and what really sets it a part is the optical image stabalization (BOSS) that outperforms the digital and electronic stabalization most other high-end cameras are using.

It is let down by a couple of things, such as no viewing screen but you can use a phone with wifi or the watch mount which shows you what you have in shot.

Reasons to buy
  • The controls are very simple to use, it has quick record which means you can turn the camera on and also record with that same click
  • Many users are really impressed with it's video quality
  • A lot of camera owners are saying it has the best image stabalization of any action camera
  • A few are impressed with its slow motion and high definition video recording of 1080p at 120fps
  • When compared to the GoPros, a lot of users found the battery life really good and would record for over 2 hours at 1080p
  • Others have mentioned that a removeable battery is a great feature
  • Other owners have said that its great that it is splashproof without its underwater housing on
Reasons not to buy
  • The small info screen is not backlit, which means that you will struggle to see it in the dark
  • Having the underwater housing on will reduce the sound quality and you might not even record much audio with it on
First Look
Underwater Video Example
Action Video Example
Image Stabilization Video Example
Firmware Downloads & Updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Record Super Slow Motion Footage (120fps) in Real High Definition (1080p)?
Yes the Sony FDR X3000 can record super slow motion videos of 120fps in full high definition at 1080p
Can You Record Footage Whilst The Camera Charges?
Yes you can record footage whilst charging from a powerbank or wall plug
What Is The Best Video Recording Resolutin & Framerate With Image Stabilization?
4k is the highest, because it has optical image stabalization it means whatever video resolution you use, you can take advantage of the image stabalization
Does This Camera Record Real 4K Video Footage?
Yes the Sony FDR X3000 records true 4K video footage

Mounting and Form

Camera Form
deep thin rectangular form action camera shape
deep thin rectangular form

This camera as seen next to an AA battery is deep and thin so harder to mount close to vertical surfaces, body parts etc. It's slightly larger than action camera regular shape, minimally and the lens is at the front thing end rather than on the large face of the body.

deep thin rectangular front action camera
deep thin rectangular front

The front of the action camera as seen next to an AA battery for comparison. The lens is on the smallest side so there are some advantages and disadvantages to this shape.

deep thin rectangular side action camera
deep thin rectangular side

This camera is slightly smaller or about the same height as a AA battery. As you can see it is longer than it is high and wide but easier to grip with your hand than a regular action camera with a lens on it's large front rectangular face.

Mounting and Form

Your action camera's most important feature is how it will mount to you, your vehicles and other parts of your activities. Below we look at how this camera fits to certain mounts and what it's mounting setup is.

There are two main mounting systems, the GoPro (2 to 3 fin mount) and the 1/4" (quarter inch) thread mount.

When we decide how each camera is mounted, we talk about it's form, whether it would fit to a certain popular mounting type, such as on the chest, head or in-hand and whether there was a mounting type for this too.

Mount Type on Camera Body
quarter inch 1/4" thread tripod mount

This camera has a female 1/4" thread and accepts a universal 1/4" threaded male mount, which you screw in to the camera, just like what a tripod comes with at the top. If the camera only has this mount option, you can get a tripod mount to action camera adapter to open up the world of gopro (2 to 3 fin) mount options.

Mount Type on Waterproof Case
quarter inch 1/4" thread tripod mount

This camera has a female 1/4" thread and accepts a universal 1/4" threaded male mount, which you screw in to the camera, just like what a tripod comes with at the top. If the camera only has this mount option, you can get a tripod mount to action camera adapter to open up the world of gopro (2 to 3 fin) mount options.

Mounting Options

board mount

action camera surfboard board mount

Surfboard & Snowboard mounts on Amazon

Yes it will fit on to a surfboard, snowboard or other board with a 3M mount and in its underwater housing.

bodyboard mount

action camera bodyboard mount

Bodyboard mounts on Amazon

Yes you can fit this action camera on to a bodyboard plug mount when it is in it's underwater case.

clip mount

action camera clip mount

Clip Mounts on Amazon

Yes you can attach it to a clip mount and then clip on to a cap peak or a backpack strap.

dog harness mount

action camera dog harness mount

Dog harness mounts on Amazon

Yes you can attach the action camera to a dog harness as they have the regular 3 fin style gopro mounts, just place the camera inside it's housing to fit.

flat surface

This camera can fit on to a flat surface as it has a flat bottom to it's underside and stands up to record things you are pointing it at without any other mounts or support.

flexible mount

action camera flex mount

Flex mounts on Amazon

Yes it will fit a flexible, goose neck type mount, you can find them with gopro or 1/4" mount options on them.

handlebar & pole mount

action camera handlebar mount

Handlebar mounts on Amazon

Yes you can attach the camera on to a handlebar, pole style action camera mount for your motorcycle, bike, or paddle.

helmet side mount

action camera helmet side mount

Helmet side mounts on Amazon

Yes you can attach it to the side of a helmet. These mount types come with both quarter inch threads or GoPro 2 to 3 fin mounts so are versatile.

helmet top mount

action camera helmet top mount

Helmet top mounts on Amazon

Yes it has a gopro mount available to use and will fit nicely on top of a helmet of your choice.

in your hand

Yes you can hold this camera nicely in your hand as it grips well with your fingers and palm around it and you won't get your fingers in the way like differently shaped action cameras.

quarter inch mount

Yes this can fit on to mounts and accessories that have a quarter inch thread on them, things like tripods and other mounts with that 1/4" threaded bolt on it.

selfie stick mount

action camera selfie stick mount

Selfie sticks on Amazon

Yes you can attach it to a selfie stick, or short hand stick to hold the camera in-hand.

straps mount

action camera reuseable tie straps diy mounting

Check price @ Amazon for reusable straps

Yes you can use velcro, rubber and other reusable straps to mount this action camera to a surface of your choice.

suction cup mount

action camera suction cup mount

Suction cup mounts on Amazon

Yes you can fit it on to a suction cup mount, these come with 1/4" or gopro style fittings.

wrist strap mount

action camera wrist strap mount

Wrist straps on Amazon

Yes you can fit it on to a wrist strap mount when put in to its underwater case as that has the 2 fin gopro style mount underneath.