Complete List of Over 11 3-Axis Camera Gimbals for Mirrorless Cameras

Complete List of Over 11 3-Axis Camera Gimbals for Mirrorless Cameras

Here is a complete list of 3-axis camera gimbals available for mirrorless cameras, you can find that in the table at the bottom of this article.

We use our camera gimbal comparison tool which we continually add the latest gimbals to so you can find the right one for your specific needs.

No matter what mirrorless camera you have, it could be a micro four thirds system, aps-c or even full frame, there are plenty of options for camera gimbals for mirrorless cameras below in the table.

We have added some basic features to the table to show the price of the mirrorless gimbals, the battery life, charge time, payload and weight of each 3-axis gimbal.

This is so that you can make an educated decision as to what gimbals work for you. And you can always head to the gimbal comparison tool to compare more features and specs if you need to.

Which Mirrorless Cameras Will Fit These 3-Axis Gimbals

That list is not definite but the vast majority of mirrorless cameras used for videography on the market today should work with the options below.

Here are just a few of the examples of which cameras can be fitted to the 3-axis gimbal stabilisers below:

  • Nikon Z6
  • Fujifilm X-T4
  • Canon EOS R6
  • Sony A7 III
  • Panasonic LX100
  • Nikon Z50
  • Sony A7S III
  • Sony A6100
  • Sony A6200
  • Sony A6300
  • Sony A6400
  • Sony A6500
  • Canon EOS R5
  • Nikon Z5
  • Fujifilm X-T30
  • Sony Alpha A7R IV
  • Panasonic Lumix S5
  • Canon EOS RP
  • Panasonic Lumix G9
  • Sony A7R III
  • Sony A9
  • Nikon Z7
  • Panasonic S1R
  • Sony A7S II
  • Leica SL
  • Fujifilm X-T4
  • Fujifilm X-T30
  • Panasonic G85
  • Panasonix GX80
  • Panasonic GH5
  • Olympus E-M1
  • Olympus E-M5
  • Olympus E-M10

How Much Do Camera Gimbals Cost for Mirrorless Cameras

If you're wondering how much camera gimbals cost which fit mirrorless cameras, there is a wide and varied answer to that.

We have added a column to the table below so that you can see for yourself.

The cheapest camera gimbal for mirrorless cameras is the Feiyu G6 Plus which sells for $179 with a couple of other options under $200. This means that if your budget is under $200 for a camera gimbal, you are in luck and have a few options available to you.

The issue is that these camera gimbals have smaller weight limits and payloads than the more expensive alternatives in the table.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can pay anywhere up to $669 for a brand new mirrorless ready camera gimbal which has a lot more features than those cheaper options like the G6 Plus by Feiyu Tech.

Which Mirrorless Ready Camera Gimbals Have the Best Battery Life

The two best camera gimbals which can fit mirrorless cameras have a 960 minute and 1200minutes battery life. This is a minimum of 16 hours battery life for the second longest battery life in a camera gimbal and a whopping 20 hours for the best.

These two gimbals have different payloads and price points which means you have to spend a bit more or be limited to smaller mirrorless cameras when choosing between the two.

You'll find most mirrorless ready camera gimbals have about 720 minutes which is 12 hours of battery life, more than enough for a full days shooting.

Which Mirrorless Camera Gimbals Charge Quickly

If you're looking for a camera gimbal based upon how fast it charges, there are a number of options, with some even having replaceable batteries and others having in-built batteries that charge off of USB.

The average charge time is between 2-4 hours depending on the gimbal in question with the fastest being able to charge in about 90 minutes to full.

What Weight Can Camera Gimbals Carry

Weight and payload are probably the most important questions you have in regards to camera gimbals.

You have to know if the camera gimbal can support the weight of your camera if the setup is to work together.

We have added a table column called payload which will answer this question for you.

The maximum payload of a camera gimbal, is that of the Zhiyun Crane 3S which can carry up to payloads of 6500 grams (6.5kg).

With a few having payloads of 4000grams or less and the average seems to be between 2200grams and 4000grams payloads.

The smallest payload of any camera gimbal for mirrorless cameras is 720 grams at the time of writing.

Complete List of Mirrorless Camera Gimbals

The table below has a complete list of camera gimbals which work with mirrorless cameras. This list  gets automatically updated from the main gimbal comparison tool as and when we add new camera gimbals to the list, so keep on checking back for new updates or subscribe by email.

  • Feiyu Tech AK4500 will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Feiyu Tech AK2000S will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Feiyu Tech AK4000 will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Feiyu Tech G6 Max will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Feiyu Tech G6 Plus will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Moza Air 2 will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Moza Mini P will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Zhiyun Crane 2S will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Zhiyun Crane 3S will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Zhiyun Crane M2 will work with mirrorless cameras
  • Zhiyun Weebill S will work with mirrorless cameras
  • DJI Ronin SC will work with mirrorless cameras
Image Title Buy Price Battery Life Charge Time Payload Weight
feiyu tech g6 plus action camera mirrorless gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Plus Action Camera Gimbal $179 720minutes 180minutes 800grams 663grams
feiyu tech g6 max camera gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Max Multi Camera Gimbal $279 540minutes 180minutes 1200grams 665grams
zhiyun crane m2 multi camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M2 Multi Camera Gimbal $199 420minutes 120minutes 720grams 500grams
feiyu tech ak2000s camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK2000S Camera Gimbal $349 840minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams
feiyu tech ak 4500 dslr camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK 4500 DSLR Camera Gimbal $649 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams
zhiyun crane 2s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 2S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal $599 720minutes 240minutes 3200grams 1880grams
zhiyun crane 3s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 3S DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $669 720minutes 6500grams 1880grams
zhiyun weebill s camera gimbal Zhiyun Weebill S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal7 $399 720minutes 150minutes 3000grams 895grams
moza mini p multi camera gimbal Moza Mini P Multi Camera 3-Axis Gimbal $199 1200minutes 900grams 710grams
feiyu tech ak 4000 dslr cinecamera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK4000 3 Axis DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $399 720minutes 300minutes 4000grams 1436grams
moza air 2 camera gimbal Moza Air 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $549 960minutes 300minutes 4200grams 1600grams
dji rs 2 camera gimbal DJI RS 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $849 720minutes 90minutes 4500grams 960grams
manfrotto mvg 220 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 220 Camera Gimbal Specs $399 420minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams
dji rsc 2 camera gimbal DJI RSC 2 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Specs $700 840minutes 120minutes 3000grams 1200grams
dji ronin 2 camera gimbal DJI Ronin 2 Camera Gimbal $5999 480minutes 90minutes 13600grams 6400grams
manfrotto mvg 460 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 460 Camera Gimbal Specs $600 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams
zhiyun crane m2s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M2S Mirrorless and Smartphone 3-Axis Gimbal $299 635minutes 101minutes 549grams
zhiyun crane m3 camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M3 Camera Gimbal Stabiliser $369 480minutes 120minutes 700grams

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