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Find your next film making drone by the features you want and not by the features you don't want. Only here at action camera finder can you filter through the best drones for photography to find the drone and quadcopter that will fit your specific needs and shooting requirements.

Image Title Buy Price Video Reviews Diagonal distance FOV Focal length Max speed Max ascent speed Descent speed Max wind speed Wind Resistance Flight time Bitrate image sensor diagonal size Flight altitude Noise level Photo resolution Release date Slow mo (1080p) Slowest FPS (1080p) Transmission distance Weight Volume size Charge Time Flight Distance (Speed X Flight Time) Best video resolution Controller Flight modes Image format Image processor Image sensor Sensor size Obstacle avoidance Photo mode Physical features Resolution & FPS Shot modes Size Tracking modes Video format Zoom Video modes Positioning Sensor
skydio x2 camera drone Skydio X2 Camera Drone Specs 332mm 35 minutes 12mp 1 year 7 months ago 6 km 1325grams 3861cm³ 4k remote controller only autonomous backward, downward, forward, forward camera, omnidirectional, upward folding arms, modular 4k 60fps medium active track digital video, thermal imaging
DJI Mini 2 camera drone DJI Mini 2 Camera Drone Specs $449 160mm 83° 24mm 57kmh 5m/s 3m/s 37kmh level 5 31 minutes 100 Mbps 7.66mm 4000m 12mp 1 year 6 months ago 2x 60fps 10 km 249grams 648cm³ 82 minutes 47.00km 4k remote controller and smart phone normal mode, sport mode DNG, JPEG, raw 1/2.3" Inch downward auto exposure bracketing, interval, manual ISO, manual shutter speed, panorama, single shot, sphere panorama, standard photo folding arms 1080p 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 2.7k 30fps, 4k 24fps, 4k 30fps boomerang, circle, dronie, helix, rocket small MP4 digital manual ISO, manual shutter speed GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO