Hawkeye Firefly Q6 Firmware Update and Downloads

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Monday, February 5, 2018 - 19:16

Download the latest firmware updates and bug fixes for your Hawkeye Firefly Q6 action camera here.

Camera Manufacturer & Model
Hawkeye Firefly Q6

Recommended Memory Cards

Samsung Evo Plus 32GB
Sandisk Extreme V30 U3 32GB
Sandisk Extreme Pro U3 64gb
How to update
Phone App
Change log


  1. Add Frame rate First option: ON/OFF; ON: Frame rate will keep high in low light condintions.(if you want to save power, turn it OFF).
  2. Add Slow motion movie.Set it ON, it will capture slow motion movie and save to tf card.
  3. Add Long exposure function; OFF, 0.5S, 1 S, 2S,5S, 1 0S, 20 S, 30S, 60S. This function is design for light doodle. When capture light doodle, be patience to wait for
    the machine to finish
Firmware Download Files
Attachment Size
hawkeye firefly q6 firmware download v2.52.85 MB 2.85 MB
  1. Delete all the files and folders in the tf card(suggest:8G/16G).
  2. Download the firmware(LD96660A.BIN and FIREFLYQ.bin) to tf card .
  3. Put the tf card into FIREFLY 7S(make sure battery > 50%).
  4. Power on FIREFLY twice and it will update firmware automatically.
  5. When updating, the LED will flash.
  6. When update finish, the machine will reboot automatically.
  7. Delete the firmware file() in the tf card.

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