Runcam 2 Action Camera Firmware Updates and Downloads

Last modified
Monday, February 5, 2018 - 19:16

Bug fixes, new feature updates from the firmware update and download for the Runcam 2 action camera.

Camera Manufacturer & Model
Runcam 2

Recommended Memory Cards

Samsung Evo Plus 32GB
Sandisk Extreme Pro U3 64gb
Samsung Pro+ Plus 64gb
How to update
Phone App
Change log


  1. Optimize the protection file function when the power is cut;
  2. Optimize the TV-OUT latency; (Under 1080P @60FPS, 40ms)
  3. Add a TV-OUT icon switch; (set via APP)
  4. Add the option to turn on the WIFI automatically after powering on the camera; (set via APP)
  5. Support automatic firmware update and delete the firmware automatically after finishing;
  6. Fix the bug of the time-lapse recording.
Firmware Download Files
Method 1 (recommended): Update the firmware through App.

It Requires iOS App v1.3.0 + | Android App v1.8.0 + and the current firmware version of the camera needs to be>= V2.1.

Method 2: the classic method (manually copy the firmware file onto the SD card).

Firmware Upgrade (It would be better to upgrade under OSD menu; press power button to select down and WiFi button to confirm; upgrade when the battery is fully charged )

  1. After downloading the firmware, unzip the downloaded file, find the RUNCAM2.BRN file and copy it to the root directory of the microSD card. The firmware name should be confirmed as RUNCAM2.BRN.(V2.3 and above support automatic upgrade, no need for the following operations.)
  2. Disconnect from the computer, powering the camera via the mobile charger. And then turn on the RUNCAM 2 with the micro SD card inserted. The camera will start checking the firmware and show a solid orange light with LED1 (Wi-Fi button).
  3. One quick press on the power button.
  4. One quick press on the WiFi button.
  5. Orange light blinks slowly while firmware is upgrading.
  6. After 2 minutes, the camera will automatically shut down,upgrade has completed.

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