What Wearable 3-Axis GImbals Are Available for Action Cameras

What Wearable 3-Axis GImbals Are Available for Action Cameras

There is nothing simpler than a wearable, 3-axis gimbal that you mount on your head, chest or mountain bike. They're small and fit most action cameras and they're super good at just one thing.

Stabilising your action camera and video footage so that no matter what you're doing, how fast you're going or how bumpy the ride might be, these wearable gimbals will smooth out all of this action.

Gimbals are getting bigger, faster, lighter and smarter, but most of these technologies are with handheld 3-axis gimbals.

But they don't have the simplicity of a wearable 3-axis gimbal and if you are looking at what options are available for you to use for your mountain biking or other action based activity, we'll go through what 3-axis wearable gimbals are available for you today.

Who Are Wearable Gimbals For

Wearable gimbals are for anyone who is doing an adventurous sport, if you want to get the perfect point of view video of yourself in epic locations, such as majestic mountain landscapes or lush forests.

Here are a list of extreme sports that we think wearable and chest mounted 3-axis gimbals are perfect for:

Downhill Mountain Biking and Cycling

If you are cycling, and downhill mountain biking specifically, a wearable chest mounted gimbal is perfect for you i you want to record your sessions out on the bike.

We're able to answer this question by using our very own database of camera gimbals that we keep updated so that you can compare them and  find the right gimbal for you.

Without a wearable gimbal whilst mountain biking, the footage you would get from a chest mounted action camera would be jittery and move about a lot. Even with the best image stabilisation, purely down to how much the chest strap would rattle around as you flung yourself down a mountain.

Quick, jerky actions can be smoothed out by in built image stabilisation in action cameras, but the sharp movement from left to right or up to down would still be quite violent to watch, even though it's technically "smoother". 

 With a gimbal it would completely remove these sort of movements and smooth out all directions, no matter how severe the movement was.

Skiing and Snowboarding

If you're in to winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, one of the advantages to wearing a gimbal whilst skiing or snowboarding is that when you're jumping, turning, making your way down the mountain, the gimbal will smooth out all of your movements throughout your journey down.

As you twist left and right and turn different ways, the gimbal will keep up with that movement and if it's done quickly and with a jerking motion, the gimbal and it's 3-axis motors will completely smooth those movements out and follow your every turn whilst still facing the way you are.

Other Sports

If you partake in a sport that means you'll be moving quickly and sharply in many different directions, a chest strap with a 3-axis gimbal will completely smooth out the videos that you make.

Wearable Gimbal Manufacturers

There are a number of action camera wearable gimbal manufacturers, most you might have heard of before, if not, here is a quick rundown.

Feiyu Tech WG2X Wearable Gimbal

Feiyu Tech create some high-end camera gimbals, covering all camera sizes and types.

Removu S1 Wearable Gimbal

This is a multi-style camera gimbal that can both be held and worn, there are no other styles of gimbal like this. You either get a handheld gimbal or a wearable, not both. But with this action camera gimbal you get this dynamic and means you can use on your adventures in many different ways.

Zhiyun Rider M1 Gimbal

A very professional company creating high-end camera gimbals and that is no different with the Zhiyun Rider M1 wearable action camera gimbal.

Hohem XG1 Gimbal

Hohem are a cheaper and more budget friendly camera gimbal company and have a wearable option in the XG1.

Complete List of Wearable 3-Axis Gimbals

Below you can find a complete list of wearable 3-axis gimbals that you can fit to yourself or your adventure vehicle, such as a mountain bike.

If you're looking for a gimbal to use for film making, check out our complete list of camera gimbals at the gimbal comparison tool we've built.


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