Best 4K Action Cameras with Wifi

Interested in the best video resolutions available with 4K and want to stay connected with Wifi so you can connect to your phone or tablet to control and share media. We have listed the best 4K action cameras with wifi and ranked by our Cam Score system to help you choose the best action camera with 4k video recording an wifi for you.

In the lists of action cameras below we have filtered them to show just cameras with true, 4K video recording. They will also record in other video resolutions, like 2.7k, 1080p etc but they will be able to record in 4K.

The second filter we have added is to show cameras that as well as 4K, also have wifi. With this, you can create a wireless network and connect to it using your smart phone, tablet with an application by the same manufacturer as your action camera.

This leaves you with a list of action cameras that record the best video footage available today, in 2018 and that also is smart and can be controlled and more by a phone or tablet device using wifi.


Action Cameras with 4K Video Recording

4K video resolution is the best resolution you can wish for in 2018 and will be for some years to come. Why would you want to use it? To get such a fantastic resolution in such a small package is mind blowing.

True 4K video resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels and with this, a positive is that you can always record in this resolution and downgrade when working with your videos to publish elsewhere.

video resolution sizes comparison

Even though you get super awesome and huge video resolution with 4K, there are downsides. At the moment, in 2018, there are no super slow mo frame rates yet available at this video resolution. You can buy a few action cameras that record at 4K and 60fps, but nothing slower than that.

Another problem with this resolution is that image stabilization, specifically electronic image stabilization is hard to find at this resolution as well. The Sony FDR range and a couple of other cameras have optical image stabilization, which works at every resolution and frame rate as it works by connecting the sensor to the optics that move on a physical giro gimbal within the camera.

One of the other final problems with this resolution is that you need a really large memory capacity for your microSD card. You will have to make sure you check out cameras that have a large memory capacity, like 128gb or bigger.

Action Cameras with Wifi

Why would you want the wifi feature in your action camera? There are a few good reasons, but the main one is that you can connect to a phone or tablet.

Benefits of Wifi

With this feature, you can usually control your action camera and use it as a 2nd screen. This is a really important feature if your actual camera doesn't have a screen of it's own. You can use it to set up the shot and frame what you need to. There is the advantage of not having a screen to save on battery life too.

As well as controlling a camera, you can transfer files from your camera to a smart phone or tablet using an Android or iOS application on your phone. This is especially good if you are using your phone as a backup device and you can transfer the files to your phone and then upload the photos or videos to dropbox, google drive or other backup service.

Downsides of Wifi

The biggest problem with wifi is that, other than not working underwater, it drains the battery of your action camera quite rapidly. So make sure you turn wifi off when it isn't needed.

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