Best Action Cameras for SkyDiving

Skydiving is a thrill apart from many other sports and activities that the majority of us partake in, like hiking or cycling. None the less, it has a huge following and once you've done your USPA C-License (200 jumps) or equivalent, you are allowed to strap a camera to your helmet.

You've done your 200+ jumps and can now choose what camera to record all your amazing skydives, here we thought we'd give you a helping hand.

We have filtered the ranking list of the best skydiving actions cameras by a couple of things; high definition 1080p video resolutions combined with high frame rates. That means that every camera in this list can record at atleast 1080p and 100fps, minimum. So if you want a 1080p 120fps camera for skydiving, all the cameras below qualify for your needs.

The second requirement and probably the most important is image stabalization. With this feature you know that whatever trick, move or action you make, the image stabalization will keep your videos smooth and silky.

You can also sort by battery life, price and Cam Score as well.

Got in to skydiving and enjoy taking videos of your jumps, we've collated the best action cameras for skydiving from everything we have on Action Camera Finder. We have many types of activity best-of pages and cameras for skydiving is just one of them.

Out of the 100+ action cameras here are the top cameras which are sorted by their camscore.

How Have We Worked Out The Best Skydiving Action Cameras

We have filtered the entire directory for features that skydivers need more than anything else, we have limited it to 3 main features that are required when you're jumping out of a plane or doing base, these are:

  • Image Stabalization, digital and optical
  • High framerate in HD, 1080p @ 100fps, 120fps
  • Battery life, sorted by longest

Image Stabalization for Skydiving

One of the most important factors when skydiving is getting a smooth video, it's an activity that needs a feature like this within the camera.

We have filtered the list so that it shows only action cameras with either digital/electronic image stabalization and optical image stabalization. This way, when you turn it on and record your jumps, you know that you can get the smoothest footage of your jump.

High Framerate in HD

You will want to record your footage in true HD, with at least 1080p video resolution and in high frame rates too. We have filtered the action camera directory to show cameras which record 1080p videos in a frame rate of 60fps and 120fps. This means that you can get smooth recordings at 60fps in HD or even slow motion videos if that is your thing.

Battery Life

The last thing we have considered is the battery life, if you're off out for the day, you'll want to be able to record for multiple jumps and if the camera is attached to your skydive helmet, it will be hard work taking it off and putting it back on again just to replace a battery. So we've given you the power to order and sort the results by battery life to the side of the camera ranking list. Now you can choose between an overall great action camera for skydiving or by battery life alone.


List of Action Cameras For Skydiving

Here this list of action cameras can all record at 1080p and 120fps and has image stabilization.


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