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Camera Image Link Price Video Review Video image stabilisation Field of view Slow mo Release date Battery life (1080p) Bitrate Aperture Depth rating (without case) Volume size Weight Charge time Uptime (charge time & battery life score) Slowest FPS Minimum focus distance Photo resolution image sensor diagonal size Photo burst rate Remove battery Shock resistant Internal microphones Battery Size Chipset Best Video Res Form Chipset Connectivity Stabilisation Manufacturer Movement Sensors Video features Ports Resolution and FPS Screen Sensor Sensor size Shooting modes User guide Firmware Zoom Size Photo features Best video resolution IP Rating Physical features
GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera Specs gopro hero 5 black action camera specs $149 170degrees 4x 120minutes 60Mb 10m 64.00cm³ 118grams 180minutes 40/100 120fps 30cm 12.00mp 7.66mm 30fps Yes 0.00m 1220mAh Ambarella A9 3840 x 2160 rounded rectangular Ambarella A9 Wifi electronic image stabalization GoPro adjustable FOV micro HDMI, micro SD, USB Type-C 1080p 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 1080p 120fps, 1440p 60fps, 2.7k 60fps, 4k 30fps info screen, rear touch screen Sony IMX117 1/2.3 inch burst photos, photo, time lapse, time lapse video, video GoPro Hero 6 Black Action Camera User Guide Manual PDF GoPro Hero 5 Black Firmware Downloads and Updates none medium RAW photos 4k waterproof