Olfi One.Five Action Camera Firmware Updates and Downloads

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Firmware updates, bug fixes and new features for the Olfi One.Five action camera.

Last modified
04/25/2020 - 22:48
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olfi one.five action camera


Firmware file change log

V2.2 Olfi One.Five Action Camera Firmware Update

  • MAJOR BUG FIX – Fixes issue that may lead to accidental data loss.

  • Adds rotate feature to Video/Photo Shortcut Menu.

  • Further improvements to Burst Mode.

  • Adds 1second intervals to Timelapse Mode.

  • Fixes issue in Burst Mode where all images were 5mp. Now allows for up to 12mp bursts.

  • Changes startup routine. Short press of power button will no longer show intro graphic.

  • Exposure time added to Timelapse Mode for long exposure night timelapses.

  • Resolves complications with memory card error messages. Should you now have a memory card error or if your card requires setup the camera will ask if you want to format now.

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