Complete List of Over 19 Action Camera Ready Gimbals

Complete List of Over 19 Action Camera Ready Gimbals

Do you have an action camera and you're looking for ways to make the video footage as smooth as possible?

Here we look at all the gimbal options available to you that you can use with most action cameras on the market today. We get this data from our gimbal comparison tool where we catalogue each and every gimbal available on the market today for consumers and professional film makers so that you can freely and equally compare any and every camera gimbal available.

No matter how good your action camera image stabilisation is, you will struggle to get anything as smooth as what a 3-axis gimbal stabiliser can.

You do have the options of the Fimi Palm, DJI Osmo Pocket, Snoppa Vmate and Keelead Pocket gimbals which are all action cameras and gimbals in one, but these have their downsides.

If you want the same form factor that usual action cameras have, a small little brick that are tough and action ready, then you can stick with these for most of your requirements and then attach them to a gimbal when you need to.

At the bottom of this article you will find a full table with every action camera gimbal available on the market today.

Complete List of Action Camera Gimbals

Here we have a complete and growing list of all action camera gimbals available on the market today.

You can sort the features in the table to see which are the lightest, cheapest, have the biggest payloads, etc. Or you can also head to the one of a kind camera gimbal discovery tool which has over 30 camera gimbals that you can filter and sort to your hearts content to find a gimbal based on specific requirements you have.

What Action Cameras Can I Use In A Gimbal

The good thing about action cameras is that most come in similar sizes and shapes so that you can fit a GoPro action cameras, as well as SJCam, DJI, Insta360 and other action camera manufacturer models in nearly all of the gimbals in the table below.

Each and every action camera gimbal will have a max size and shape that they fit so you can check to make sure before you buy.

You'll also find some action camera gimbals are multi-camera gimbals which not only fit action cameras, but fit smartphones, small compact cameras and even small mirrorless cameras too (depending on the lenses attached).

If you have a different shaped and non-regular formed action camera, like the Sony FDR X3000 and similar action cameras, you might find that you'll either be able to fit it with a mount, you'll have to buy a specific camera gimbal for that action camera shape or you won't be able to fit it, but you will have less options than a small brick shaped action camera like the GoPro range.

How Much Do Action Camera Gimbals Cost

Below in the table of available action camera gimbals there is a column called price and you can sort that to find the cheapest action camera gimbals available today.

The nearly 20 gimbals have a price range from $80 all the way up to $279. The cheapest action camera gimbals start at a similar price and go up to about $169 for the most expensive.

With the multi-camera gimbals which work with more than just action cameras being the more expensive of the gimbals available.

How Long Do Action Camera Gimbal Batteries Last

How long you can use an action camera gimbal for is one of the biggest concerns when looking for a new gimbal and below you can see a full list of gimbals and their battery life.

The shortest battery life is 2 hours (120 minutes) and this is for the GoPro Karma Grip, with most action camera gimbals able to last at least 5 hours (300 minutes), if not longer on one charge.

There are also a number of action camera gimbals with battery life that can last double that, over 10 hours from one charge. With the feature of being able to even charge the action camera on the gimbal whilst both are in use.

This is one of the best features of gimbals, after making smooth and pleasing footage, they can also be used as a powerbank to charge your action camera whilst in use. This means your 1-2 hour battery on your action camera can now be extended and used for multiple hours, as long as the gimbal is fully charged and has this feature.

How Long To Charge Action Camera Gimbals

You've probably found yourself ready for a shoot, only to realise the gimbal is low on battery or the camera is low on battery and you have to either swap it out or do a quick charge.

Below you can see the times it takes to charge all of the action camera gimbals and work out what is best for you.

The action camera gimbal that charges the quickest does so in about 1 hour, with most action camera gimbals charging in approximately 2 hours (120 minutes). 

There are some models which take longer to charge, but these also have longer battery lives as well, with them taking 3+ hours to fully charge from flat.

What Payload Do Action Camera Gimbals Have

Most action camera gimbals will accept most action cameras, but it's good to check that the action camera you have is not too heavy to work with the gimbals.

Most have a payload and max weight of 135grams, which is fine for most action cameras.

With the largest payload being 1.2kg (1200grams) with the Fieyu Tech G6 Max which accepts not just action cameras but larger cameras like mirrorless and compact cameras too.

How Much Do Action Camera Gimbals Weigh

Your main requirement might be to have the lightest action camera gimbal possible, the last thing you'll want to do is carry around the gimbal all day when not in use or find that you are using it for many minutes filming and your arms can tire quickly.

Because one of the advantages of using an action camera, is that it is lightweight, you'll want to keep the weight of both pieces of equipment down and using the table below you can see which action camera gimbals are the lightest.

The lightest action camera gimbal weighs in at just over 200grams, this is a wearable gimbal, which doesn't have the arm to hold and must be worn or placed on a tripod or surface and is hard to carry around, but this is how it saves the weight.

Most are about 300-400grams in weight and accept GoPros and other mainstream action cameras and are easy to fit and start filming.

The heaviest options are those of the multi-camera gimbals which come in at over double the weight of the lighter choices at about 650-700grams.

If weight is of concern to you, hopefully the table below will help you decide what will and wont work with your specific needs.



Image Title Buy Price Battery Life Charge Time Payload Weight Fits
feiyu tech g6 plus action camera mirrorless gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Plus Action Camera Gimbal $179 720minutes 180minutes 800grams 663grams smart phone, action camera, compact camera, mirrorless camera
feiyu tech vimble 2a action camera gimbal Feiyu Tech Vimble 2A Action Camera Gimbal Spec $99 600minutes 120minutes 135grams 278grams action camera
feiyu tech wg2x wearable action camera gimbal Feiyu Tech WG2X Action Camera Gimbal $169 150minutes 120minutes 135grams 238grams action camera
feiyu tech g6 action camera gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Action Camera Gimbal $119 720minutes 180minutes 130grams 336grams action camera
feiyu tech g6 max camera gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Max Multi Camera Gimbal $279 540minutes 180minutes 1200grams 665grams action camera, smart phone, mirrorless camera, compact camera
feiyu tech g5gs action camera gimbal Feiyu Tech G5 GS Action Camera Gimbal $100 540minutes 120minutes 200grams 400grams action camera
gopro karma grip action camera gimbal GoPro Karma Grip Action Camera Gimbal $99 120minutes 120minutes 135grams 361grams action camera
evo ss wearable action camera gimbal Evo SS Action Camera Gimbal $189 300minutes 120minutes 220grams 450grams action camera
removu s1 action camera hand held and wearable gimbal Removu S1 Action Camera Gimbal $199 250grams 530grams action camera
zhiyun crane m2 multi camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M2 Multi Camera Gimbal $199 420minutes 120minutes 720grams 500grams action camera, compact camera, mirrorless camera, smart phone
zhiyun rider m action camera wearable gimbal Zhiyun Rider M Wearable Action Camera Gimbal $199 270minutes 120minutes 135grams 290grams action camera
hohem isteady multi camera gimbal Hohem iSteady Multi Camera Gimbal $169 480minutes 210minutes 400grams 530grams action camera, smart phone, compact camera
hohem isteady pro 2 action camera gimbal Hohem iSteady Pro 2 Action Camera Gimbal $89 720minutes 210minutes 150grams 351grams action camera
hohem h5 pro action camera gimbal Hohem HG5 Pro Action Camera Gimbal $129 300minutes 210minutes 250grams 295grams action camera
hohem xg1 classic wearable action camera gimbal Hohem XG1 Classic Wearable Action Camera Gimbal $129 150minutes 60minutes 150grams 210grams action camera
sjcam gimbal 2 action camera gimbal SJCam Gimbal 2 Action Camera Gimbal $99 360minutes 120minutes 140grams 370grams action camera
zhiyun smooth q2 smartphone gimbal Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Smart Phone Gimbal $119 780minutes 180minutes 260grams 450grams smart phone, action camera
hohem isteady pro 3 action camera gimbal Hohem iSteady Pro 3 Action Camera Gimbal $90 720minutes 150grams 361grams action camera
moza mini p multi camera gimbal Moza Mini P Multi Camera 3-Axis Gimbal $199 1200minutes 900grams 710grams action camera, smart phone, mirrorless camera, point and shoot camera

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