loop (dashcam)

List of action cameras which can do loop (dashcam) shooting modes when taking photos or videos.

Action cameras with loop and dashcam modes. Here you will find all action cameras available with loop recording feature. Some of the camera manufacturers call them dashcam mode or car mode but either way, if you find this recording feature it means that you can both charge the camera whilst the camera is recording and record in loop mode.

Loop mode is where you record for a specific number of minutes and then that segment is saved to the memory card. The loops will continue to record again and again until the memory card is full, so if you chose 5 minute loops, it means that you will get 5 minute video segments. Then once the memory card is full it will write over the oldest loop and continue this until you turn the action camera off.

Some cameras will have extra features, like the Cycliq cycling action cameras has smart looping and some will save the last loop to file and will never be overwritten.