New Action Cameras

If you're looking for a new action camera, you want the latest and newest technology that's only just been released, we've created this page just for you.

Below you can find action cameras which have been most recently launched and released to buy. At we have every action camera available to buy, from budget through to the latest tech and to cover all budget ranges. 

The list is sorted by cameras which are most new, the camera at the top will be the newest of the new, no matter what brand, what model, how much it costs, you're looking at a list of new action cameras.

New Action Camera Technology

With new action cameras, comes new technologies, but that doesn't mean that every new release will get some futuristic and cutting edge feature. Action camera manufacturers are releasing new action cameras with not so new features because consumers sometimes don't need the latest and greatest.

Not all cameras will have 4K video recording options, even though they have just been released. This is because not all are targeting mid to high-end users. A lot of people are happy with 1080p video recording and you can often get slower frame rates which means slow motion video recording done at 1080p and 720p. 

This doesn't mean they don't have the latest tech in action camera image sensor and chipset technologies. They could be using new technology but downgrading the video resolution. 

Other features and technology to look out for are electronic image stabilisation, as that improves, it gets added on to the action cameras as new features and you'll find more and more of the newest action cameras having this technology.

The final big feature improvement is that of touch screen, nearly all action camera releases now come with touchscreen capabilities. So expect most new action camera releases to have this feature in the future.

List Of Latest Action Cameras

Here you can see a list of all the action cameras available which are sorted by their release date, so the newest action cameras at the top and in descending order.

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