Which 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Has The Best Payload to Weight Ratio

Which 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Has The Best Payload to Weight Ratio

Which 3-axis camera gimbal punches above it's weight and has the best payload to weight ratio?

This is a simple question with a simple answer, and one we have yet to see anywhere else online, so we thought we'd use our gimbal discovery tool to work out the answer to this question.

What this means is that we will take the payload (what each camera gimbal can carry in terms of camera weight), and divide that by the weight of the gimbal to see it's payload to weight ratio.

Then we can fairly and equally compare all of the camera gimbals on the market to see which gimbal can carry the most weight but also be lightweight as well.

We have filtered to show 3-axis camera gimbals from our discovery tool which can all hold cinema cameras, mirrorless and DSLR camera types.

Which Gimbals Have the Best Payload to Weight Ratio

There are three camera gimbals at the time of writing which have the best payload to weight ratio.

They are the DJI RS 2, the Zhiyun Crane 3S and the Zhiyun Weebil S, all made by DJI and Zhiyun Tech.

How do these camera gimbals out of the twelve we've compared have the best payload to weight ratio?

It's pretty simple, what we're looking for are camera gimbals with a big payload so that they can carry heavy and big cameras and that are lightweight gimbals. This means the weight between the two numbers needs to be as big as it can, which gives the camera gimbal a better ratio number.

And by us giving each and every camera gimbal in our gimbal comparison tool we can fairly compare the ratio of each and every one to see which is the best.

If you're looking for a camera gimbal which has a big payload and is lightweight to hold and carry around for your video work, here is some more information on the best two gimbals.

Most camera gimbals which can fit multiple camera types, sizes and shapes have an average payload ratio of between 1.2 and 2.7.


DJI RS 2 Payload to Weight Ratio

DJI RS 2 camera gimbal has just been launched in October 2020 and right off of the bat they are advertising this 3-axis camera gimbal as the gimbal which offers the highest weight-to-payload ratio in the industry.

This would make this camera gimbal the best in terms of payload-to-weight on the market today and better than 30 other gimbals available on the market and that we've included in our gimbal discovery and comparison tool.

Here is their marketing claim: 

A 1kg (2.3lbs) gimbal with 4.5kg (10lbs) tested payload offers the highest weight-to-payload ratio in the industry. [1]

dji rs 2 camera gimbal best payload to weight ratio marketing claim

And they're not wrong, the DJI RS 2 payload to weight ratio is 4.60payload/grams. This makes the DJI RS 2 easily the best camera gimbal on the market and filming industry when it comes to payload-to-weight and we're happy to prove them right.

It gets this result by having a gimbal that weighs a touch under 1kg (960grams) and has a payload of 4.5kg (4500grams) which is insane for the weight of the gimbal. This means extra long days filming and extra long shots shouldn't be a problem, not matter whether you're a seasoned veteran camera person or you're just getting starting in film making and videography and this is your first camera gimbal.

Zhiyun Crane 3S Payload to Weight Ratio

The Zhiyun Crane 3S has a payload to weight ratio of 3.61, which is the second best of over 30 camera gimbals available on the market today.

This is worked out from it's payload of 6500 grams (6.5kg), which means it can carry cameras equal to and less than 6500grams, which is the most by any camera gimbal on the market today.

Divided by the gimbals weight, which is 1880grams (1.88kg), which isn't the lightest of gimbals available, gives it the ratio of 3.61.

It gets such a great score in this area due to it's huge payload and carry weight of 6.5kg.

If you want the biggest payload but also isn't too heavy, take a look at the Zhiyun Crane 3S camera gimbal.

We are struggling to think of a camera, lens and accessories that would need this payload, but it's there if you need it.

Zhiyun Weebil S Payload to Weight Ratio

The Zhiyun Weebil S has a payload to weight ratio of 3.35, which is the third best offering from any camera gimbal for a payload to weight ratio.

This is worked out from it's payload of 3000 grams (3kg), which means it can carry cameras equal to and less than 3000grams, which isn't the biggest payload, actually it's the 6th best payload of any camera gimbal.

It has a gimbal weight of just 895grams, which is less than half the weight of the Zhiyun Crane 3S. 

Because of it's super light weight, it gives this camera gimbal a fantastic payload to weight ratio and one worth looking at if you have camera systems under 3KG in weight and want as light as gimbal as possible for your videography and filming needs.

If you want a super lightweight and professional camera gimbal that can carry a lot of weight, take a look at the Zhiyun Weebil S.

Image Title Buy Price Battery Life Charge Time Payload Weight Payload to weight ratio
dji rs 2 camera gimbal DJI RS 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $849 720minutes 90minutes 4500grams 960grams 4.60payload/grams
manfrotto mvg 460 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 460 Camera Gimbal Specs $600 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams 3.80payload/grams
zhiyun crane 3s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 3S DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $669 720minutes 6500grams 1880grams 3.61payload/grams
zhiyun weebill s camera gimbal Zhiyun Weebill S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal7 $399 720minutes 150minutes 3000grams 895grams 3.35payload/grams
feiyu tech ak 4000 dslr cinecamera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK4000 3 Axis DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $399 720minutes 300minutes 4000grams 1436grams 2.78payload/grams
feiyu tech ak 4500 dslr camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK 4500 DSLR Camera Gimbal $649 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams 2.77payload/grams
moza air 2 camera gimbal Moza Air 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $549 960minutes 300minutes 4200grams 1600grams 2.62payload/grams
dji rsc 2 camera gimbal DJI RSC 2 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Specs $700 840minutes 120minutes 3000grams 1200grams 2.50payload/grams
dji roninc sc 3-axis camera gimbal stabilizer DJI Ronin SC 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Specs $279 660minutes 150minutes 2000grams 830grams 2.40payload/grams
dji ronin 2 camera gimbal DJI Ronin 2 Camera Gimbal $5999 480minutes 90minutes 13600grams 6400grams 2.10payload/grams
feiyu tech ak2000s camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK2000S Camera Gimbal $349 840minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams 2.00payload/grams
manfrotto mvg 220 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 220 Camera Gimbal Specs $399 420minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams 2.00payload/grams
feiyu tech g6 max camera gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Max Multi Camera Gimbal $279 540minutes 180minutes 1200grams 665grams 1.80payload/grams
zhiyun crane 2s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 2S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal $599 720minutes 240minutes 3200grams 1880grams 1.77payload/grams
zhiyun crane m2 multi camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M2 Multi Camera Gimbal $199 420minutes 120minutes 720grams 500grams 1.44payload/grams
moza mini p multi camera gimbal Moza Mini P Multi Camera 3-Axis Gimbal $199 1200minutes 900grams 710grams 1.26payload/grams
feiyu tech g6 plus action camera mirrorless gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Plus Action Camera Gimbal $179 720minutes 180minutes 800grams 663grams 1.20payload/grams

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