Which 3-Axis Camera Gimbals Have the Biggest Payload and Can Support Heavy Cameras

Which 3-Axis Camera Gimbals Have the Biggest Payload and Can Support Heavy Cameras

Do you have a heavyweight videography setup, something that weighs kilograms, rather than grams?

You're looking for a 3-axis camera gimbal which can support your camera body and your cine lens, adapters, smallrig, external mic or other accessories?

Here we look at the 3-axis gimbals available on the market today which have the biggest payloads and can support the heaviest of camera videography setups.

If you can't find a camera gimbal based on specific requirements you have, please head to our camera gimbal discovery tool where you can filter, sort and compare gimbals to find the best for you.


Complete List of Camera Gimbals With the Biggest Payloads

Here you can see a table of camera gimbals which have the largest payloads of any 3-axis camera gimbal stabilizers on the market.

We have added a table and sorted them by those with the biggest payload.

You will find that we have only included camera gimbals which have payloads of at least 2000 grams (2kg) or more and sorted by in a descending order from the heaviest first.

What Camera Gimbal Has the Biggest Payload

The smallest camera gimbal in the table and list below is 2000grams (2kg), with the highest, at the time of writing at 6500 grams (6.5kg).

That means that the camera gimbals below which can fit an array of camera types and systems will work from 2kg through to 6.5kg camera payloads.

Image Title Buy Price Battery Life Charge Time Payload Weight Payload to weight ratio
dji ronin 2 camera gimbal DJI Ronin 2 Camera Gimbal $5999 480minutes 90minutes 13600grams 6400grams 2.10payload/grams
zhiyun crane 3s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 3S DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $669 720minutes 6500grams 1880grams 3.61payload/grams
manfrotto mvg 460 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 460 Camera Gimbal Specs $600 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams 3.80payload/grams
feiyu tech ak 4500 dslr camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK 4500 DSLR Camera Gimbal $649 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams 2.77payload/grams
dji rs 2 camera gimbal DJI RS 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $849 720minutes 90minutes 4500grams 960grams 4.60payload/grams
moza air 2 camera gimbal Moza Air 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $549 960minutes 300minutes 4200grams 1600grams 2.62payload/grams
feiyu tech ak 4000 dslr cinecamera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK4000 3 Axis DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $399 720minutes 300minutes 4000grams 1436grams 2.78payload/grams
zhiyun crane 2s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 2S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal $599 720minutes 240minutes 3200grams 1880grams 1.77payload/grams
zhiyun weebill s camera gimbal Zhiyun Weebill S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal7 $399 720minutes 150minutes 3000grams 895grams 3.35payload/grams
dji rsc 2 camera gimbal DJI RSC 2 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Specs $700 840minutes 120minutes 3000grams 1200grams 2.50payload/grams
manfrotto mvg 220 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 220 Camera Gimbal Specs $399 420minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams 2.00payload/grams
feiyu tech ak2000s camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK2000S Camera Gimbal $349 840minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams 2.00payload/grams
dji roninc sc 3-axis camera gimbal stabilizer DJI Ronin SC 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Specs $279 660minutes 150minutes 2000grams 830grams 2.40payload/grams

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