List of 30+ Handheld 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Stabilisers For Film Makers

List of 30+ Handheld 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Stabilisers For Film Makers

Interested in seeing what 3-axis camera gimbal stabilizers are available on the market today? We have a complete and growing list of camera stabilizers right here on Action Camera Finder.

Our main gimbal and film gear comparison tools are databases of equipment, with all their specs and features, and we keep these up to date with what's available and on the market today. Unlike an e-commerce shop or website, who only stock a limited number of products, we have all available so that you can freely compare any and every camera gimbal you want.

We wrote about all the available wearable camera gimbals recently and thought you might want to know what handheld camera gimbals are currently available.

Below you'll find a table of camera gimbals available and on the market to buy today, with over 30 available, at the time of writing. So if you want to check out what options you have, scroll to the bottom of this article to find the list of gimbals available today.

What Is A Handheld Camera Gimbal

A handheld camera gimbal is just that, a camera gimbal, that you fit your camera or smartphone to which you then hold in one or two hands, depending on the size and model of the camera gimbal.

You will find all shapes and sizes of camera gimbals, with some that are light enough and small enough to hold in one hand.

Others can have monopods attached to the bottom which means the grip and arm you hold is extended and you can then hold with two hands.

Some brand new handheld camera gimbals have multiple arms on them so that you can hold them vertically, horizontally, and with both of your hands controlling the movement and direction of the gimbal.

The job of the handheld camera gimbal is to stabilize the camera and video footage you are recording and all of the gimbal recommendations below will do just that. 

Why Do You Need a Handheld Camera Gimbal

Do you record video for your job or want to get into this field? If the answer is yes, at some point you will want to make sure that all future footage that is recorded is as smooth as can be, depending on the shot, some might still want to be handheld.

If you are not using a tripod, you might need a camera gimbal.

If you are vlogging, walking around, filming movement whilst you're moving, running and you won't be using a tripod, a camera gimbal will be one of the best investments you make to create more cinematic videos and films.

We mostly film outdoor events and short films and whenever we're recording video, three times out of four, we are using the camera in the gimbal. Even with the best image stabilisation in-built in to your camera, it won't do anywhere near as good a job as what a camera gimbal can.

With our events, we do a lot of running and if we attempted to run without a gimbal, we would get almost unusable footage. With a gimbal, we can run up and down mountains, through forests and over technical and rough terrain and our footage will be smooth and fluid and not cause any sense of motion issues.


What Handheld Camera Gimbals Can I Buy

Below is a complete list of handheld camera gimbals available to buy today, and unlike e-commerce stores, you'll find we aren't limited to stocking just a particular manufacturer or model of camera gimbal.

We have no limits and we keep up with the industry and are continually adding new options that come to market so that you can get the answer to your questions about camera gimbals and other film gear.

Depending on what you need a camera gimbal for, we'll add some basic features and specs to the table so that you can compare and find the right gimbal for you.

If you want to compare and filter for more features, check out our camera gimbal comparison tool where we share every single spec and feature for gimbals.

How Much Do Handheld Camera Gimbals Cost

At the time of writing, handheld camera gimbals can range anywhere from $69 to $699, that's quite a big jump in price, but this means there are options for everybody.

At the lower end you'll find $69 camera gimbals which can hold action cameras and smartphones, with those looking to stabilize footage for their mirrorless or dslr camera will have to spend a bit more to get something that will fit.

If you are looking for something more mid-range, you'll find plenty of options between $100-$250 that should do the trick.

How Long Do Handheld Camera Gimbals Work For

One of the things to consider with a camera gimbal is that it is powered by a battery, or multiple batteries, some are inbuilt and others can be removed and replaced.

Because they need to run the processor and the 3 motors that move the 3-axis on the handheld gimbal, they all need some form of power, and that comes in battery form.

The good thing is, batteries are energy dense, can be charged whilst the gimbal is in use, and the motors and processors that need the energy are efficient and take up hardly any of the batteries charge.

You'l find handheld camera gimbals working anywhere from 2 hours (120 minutes) up to times of 20 hours in some cases.

We have first hand experience of this and have managed to film multi-day events on a single battery charge.

How Quick Do Handheld Gimbals Charge

Just like with their battery life, charging different gimbals can be quite varied and will range from anywhere around 90 minutes for the fastest charge, through to 300 minutes (5 hours) for the slowest charge.

Again, this is dependent on the type of battery used, the type of charging used (wall or USB) and so forth.

Below you can see all handheld camera gimbals available and sort the table by how long they charge, if that is one of the important factors for you.

How Much Weight Can A Handheld Gimbal Carry (Payload)

What is the payload of the available handheld camera gimbals? This pretty much means, how much weight can the gimbal carry and still work as advertised.

This is very important as everyone will be using different cameras and different lens combinations for their film making and video recording. 

So even if the camera and lens might fit, the weight might be too much, which is why we've added this specification of each handheld gimbal here for you to work out what can work for your camera gear.

The smallest camera gimbals that are handheld can carry tiny weights of up to about 130 grams in total, these are for action cameras mostly.

Smartphone handheld gimbals can carry payloads of up to about 280grams, which is more than enough for the most modern and heaviest of smartphones.

And some camera gimbals at the other end of this spectrum which can carry payloads and weights of up to 6.5kg (6500grams), with most large cinema camera gimbals having payloads of about 4kg (4000grams) on average.

How Heavy Are Handheld Gimbals Stabilizers

Weight might be an important factor for you, combined with the weight of your camera and lens, you might be considering looking for a lightweight handheld camera gimbal setup for your filming needs.

You will find that the lightest are about 250-300 grams in weight and these are for smartphone gimbals.

If you're looking to film with a compact camera or small mirrorless camera, such as a Sony A6000, you will be looking at gimbal weights of about 500grams.

And if you are shooting with cinema cameras, large mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, the gimbal weight goes up significantly and you'll be expected to carry anywhere from 1500grams up to weights of 1800grams (1.8kg) which is quite heavy.

This is why you find handheld camera gimbals with multiple arms so that you can hold them for longer periods with both of your hands and in different positions to spread out the weight whilst you're using it.

What Can You Fit To A Handheld Camera Gimbal

You can fit any and every camera type you've probably ever owned or thought of, so far, the only thing we've been unable to fit to our camera gimbals are underwater housings, but that's just mad and not a real issue in our opinion.

We have over 30+ hand held camera gimbals at the time of writing and they can hold everything from action cameras of all shapes and sizes, to smartphones, small compact cameras and mirrorless cameras, as well as cinema cameras and large DSLRs with different lens sizes and weights.

Whatever it is you have, we're sure you can fit it on to some of the handheld gimbal offerings on the market today.

Some even utilise multi-camera mounts, such as the Hohem iMulti and the Feiyu G6 Plus and Max gimbals. These can hold action cameras, smartphones and small mirrorless cameras and these are mostly our go-to stabilizers and gimbals because they do so much more.

If you're thinking of shooting with just a smartphone, you can get adapter plates that will fit in GoPro and small rectangular action cameras on to the small handheld gimbal, meaning you get a multi use gimbal for the price of one.

What Other Features Do Handheld Gimbals Have

There are many other features that they have that we haven't shared with your here, but if you head to the gimbal comparison tool, you can answer most queries and specific questions you have in regards to this filming equipment.

Remember, you can sort the table below to see which handheld gimbals are the least, most, heaviest, lightest of each feature.

Some camera gimbals can work with smartphones to follow faces and object tracking, with the gimbal left to its own devices and will move around to keep track of the subject you want to follow.

Some handheld gimbals are weatherproof and have IP ratings which means they are fine to use in dusty and wet environments. You can find these on the gimbal comparison tool and using the filter gimbal IP rating in the left column of the discovery tool.

Image Title Buy Price Battery Life Charge Time Payload Weight Fits
feiyu tech g6 plus action camera mirrorless gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Plus Action Camera Gimbal $179 720minutes 180minutes 800grams 663grams smart phone, action camera, compact camera, mirrorless camera
feiyu tech vimble 2a action camera gimbal Feiyu Tech Vimble 2A Action Camera Gimbal Spec $99 600minutes 120minutes 135grams 278grams action camera
feiyu tech g6 action camera gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Action Camera Gimbal $119 720minutes 180minutes 130grams 336grams action camera
feiyu tech g6 max camera gimbal Feiyu Tech G6 Max Multi Camera Gimbal $279 540minutes 180minutes 1200grams 665grams action camera, smart phone, mirrorless camera, compact camera
gopro karma grip action camera gimbal GoPro Karma Grip Action Camera Gimbal $99 120minutes 120minutes 135grams 361grams action camera
removu s1 action camera hand held and wearable gimbal Removu S1 Action Camera Gimbal $199 250grams 530grams action camera
zhiyun crane m2 multi camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M2 Multi Camera Gimbal $199 420minutes 120minutes 720grams 500grams action camera, compact camera, mirrorless camera, smart phone
hohem isteady multi camera gimbal Hohem iSteady Multi Camera Gimbal $169 480minutes 210minutes 400grams 530grams action camera, smart phone, compact camera
hohem isteady pro 2 action camera gimbal Hohem iSteady Pro 2 Action Camera Gimbal $89 720minutes 210minutes 150grams 351grams action camera
hohem h5 pro action camera gimbal Hohem HG5 Pro Action Camera Gimbal $129 300minutes 210minutes 250grams 295grams action camera
sjcam gimbal 2 action camera gimbal SJCam Gimbal 2 Action Camera Gimbal $99 360minutes 120minutes 140grams 370grams action camera
zhiyun smooth q2 smartphone gimbal Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Smart Phone Gimbal $119 780minutes 180minutes 260grams 450grams smart phone, action camera
hohem isteady pro 3 action camera gimbal Hohem iSteady Pro 3 Action Camera Gimbal $90 720minutes 150grams 361grams action camera
dji om 4 smart phone gimbal DJI OM 4 Magnetic Smartphone Gimbal $149 900minutes 150minutes 290grams 390grams smart phone
dji osmo mobile 3 phone gimbal DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Folding Mobile Gimbal $119 900minutes 150minutes 230grams 405grams smart phone
hohem isteady x phone gimbal Hohem iSteady X Smart Phone Gimbal $69 480minutes 120minutes 280grams 259grams smart phone
hohem isteady+ plus smartphone gimbal Hohem iSteady Mobile+ Plus Smartphone Gimbal $89 720minutes 210minutes 280grams 495grams smart phone
feiyu tech ak2000s camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK2000S Camera Gimbal $349 840minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera
feiyu tech ak 4500 dslr camera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK 4500 DSLR Camera Gimbal $649 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera, cinema camera
feiyu tech vlog pocket smart phone gimbal Feiyu Tech Vlog Pocket Smart Phone Gimbal $69 480minutes 120minutes 240grams 272grams smart phone
feiyu tech vlog pocket 2 smart phone 3 axis gimbal Feiyu Tech Vlog Pocket 2 Smart Phone 3-Axis Gimbal $99 540minutes 90minutes 250grams 272grams smart phone, action camera with plate acc
zhiyun smooth x 2 axis smart phone gimbal Zhiyun Smooth X Smart Phone Camera Gimbal $69 330minutes 180minutes 235grams 246grams smart phone
zhiyun smooth xs 2 axis smart phone gimbal Zhiyun Smooth XS Smart Phone 2-Axis Gimbal $75 330minutes 180minutes 235grams 249grams smart phone
moza mini mx smartphone gimbal Moza Mini MX Smartphone Gimbal $89 1200minutes 150minutes 280grams 412grams smart phone
zhiyun crane 2s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 2S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal $599 720minutes 240minutes 3200grams 1880grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera
zhiyun crane 3s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane 3S DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $669 720minutes 6500grams 1880grams dslr camera, cinema camera, mirrorless camera
zhiyun weebill s camera gimbal Zhiyun Weebill S DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Gimbal7 $399 720minutes 150minutes 3000grams 895grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera
moza mini p multi camera gimbal Moza Mini P Multi Camera 3-Axis Gimbal $199 1200minutes 900grams 710grams action camera, smart phone, mirrorless camera, point and shoot camera
feiyu tech ak 4000 dslr cinecamera gimbal Feiyu Tech AK4000 3 Axis DSLR and Cinecamera Gimbal $399 720minutes 300minutes 4000grams 1436grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera, cinema camera
moza air 2 camera gimbal Moza Air 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $549 960minutes 300minutes 4200grams 1600grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera, cinema camera
dji roninc sc 3-axis camera gimbal stabilizer DJI Ronin SC 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Specs $279 660minutes 150minutes 2000grams 830grams cinema camera
dji rs 2 camera gimbal DJI RS 2 Camera Gimbal Specs $849 720minutes 90minutes 4500grams 960grams mirrorless camera, cinema camera, dsl
manfrotto mvg 220 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 220 Camera Gimbal Specs $399 420minutes 90minutes 2200grams 1100grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera
dji rsc 2 camera gimbal DJI RSC 2 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Specs $700 840minutes 120minutes 3000grams 1200grams mirrorless camera, dslr camera
dji ronin 2 camera gimbal DJI Ronin 2 Camera Gimbal $5999 480minutes 90minutes 13600grams 6400grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera, cinema camera
manfrotto mvg 460 camera gimbal Manfrotto MVG 460 Camera Gimbal Specs $600 720minutes 300minutes 4600grams 1656grams dslr camera, cinema camera, mirrorless camera
zhiyun crane m2s camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M2S Mirrorless and Smartphone 3-Axis Gimbal $299 635minutes 101minutes 549grams mirrorless camera, full frame camera, smart phone
zhiyun crane m3 camera gimbal Zhiyun Crane M3 Camera Gimbal Stabiliser $369 480minutes 120minutes 700grams dslr camera, mirrorless camera

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